Mountain Biking Another Trail…Why?

I tell myself, the importance of mountain biking various trails is to determine what level I can safely ride, what level I can enjoy while riding, and what trail I might possibly return to ride again. And so it goes, out onto the S. Camino Loma Alta trailhead and Arizona Trail! The first third was okay with nice double track and some cardio moments to climb a hill, but overall okay. Next third was with a couple of water/stream crossings. What did I discover about myself? I am not good when trying to pedal through rocks, water, sand and to muscle to the other shore! My first attempt, in my life I will have you know, I tried and soon had my front wheel wedged between 2 large rocks and thus had to step with one foot into the cold water, and then came the second foot! (Good time to only have 2 feet.) Am I having fun yet? Not quite! I continue on the ride and the next time I see a stream I am already off the bike, a friend carries my bike across and I walk across the stream at a point I feel comfortable…but really hate having wet feet. The toes will take a few hours to warm up, if I am lucky. Then came the third-third of this out direction. It was technical-level for me. I was riding single track over very, very rocky areas. When did I give up? Well I took a left turn okay, but the second left turn had me soon kissing the ground and the left side of my body slammed against some rocks! Okay, the good news is I did not land in any cacti! Yeah! But this last portion of the trail was over my head, so I walked, and I watched some whipper snapper guys ride some amazing areas that I had a difficult time walking myself and bike over! Oh to be 20 again, or maybe not!

Our group reached an area by Colossal Cave and I thought it would be good and easy from this point to our return. We biked over dirt road and a couple of washes where water ran across the road….great… feet were almost dry and they were now wet again…then on the paved road and riding fast with a windchill on those wet toes of mine! So glad to see the parking lot come into view and know this ride was soon to be over! Many thanks to the others who were on the ride; their support; their humor….believe me, that’s important to have when one is discovering how much crazy one needs to mountain bike in certain areas! (I will return on the first two-thirds and then turn around and come back. If I am smart I will do it when the washes/streams have less water and before the heat index is to high.) Did I tell you I do love mountain biking! It is true!

Mountain biking with a few other crazy people I call friends!
Mountain biking with a few other crazy people I call friends!

My Return to Mountain Bicycling


There are only a few places where I ABSOLUTELY need to be focused and mountain bicycling is one of them! This trail was a bit sandy, yet I was headed for a huge dip and a need to step on the pedals hard to come up the other side. The good news, I made it!

You see the cacti on the left in this picture? Even when they are at arms length from you they have  a way of jumping into the path. I needed to wiggle my bike tires around them since I was in no mood to change a flat tire. I know mountain biking in the desert has its challenges, but especially when the cholla cacti attack with their barbed spines into your skin. Fortunately it was not me who had the cholla attack, but I was there to help my friend who had a cholla hanging on the backside of her arm! With a comb I could pull the cacti off and with my fingers pull the remaining spines. Do not brush up near these cacti!

Ride on! We are still having fun! This is my retirement!



Writing 12: Share Outdoor Areas With Me!

The only way people will enjoy and protect an outdoor area is to get out in it and use it; however, I do draw the line on certain activities not being the best. Trails for hiking and mountain biking seem to do okay in the shared space, just as I enjoyed snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. But as soon as I hear and then see snowmobiles, dirt bikes or any motorized vehicle I will admit I become a bit crazy. It may be from a long-held memory and reaction when almost run over by a snowmobile while cross-country skiing!

I think it best to keep the quieter activities on one side of outdoor areas and the noisier, fast moving vehicles on another side…. horseback riders, you’ll have to tell me where you feel best. But for me, please protect our outdoor areas and let me enjoy it safely and in peace; this is all I ask!