Love is Carried on the Wind

My sister, mom and friend celebrate September birthdays and I am physically thousands of miles away from them. I don’t speak of love 365 days a year, but I would hope each knows my heart feels for them everyday.

My daily routine includes meditative moments where I send positive energy. Most recent for my sister, mom and friend I hope my positive energy radiates to each of you for your day’s activity to be somewhat eased or your personal struggles to be lessened. When we live in the moment of hope and positivity a birthday celebration can be enjoyed with all near and far.

Think of my love being carried on the wind and you are wrapped around on all sides by that wind; that is my loving hug to you as you celebrate your special day. Live in that moment and know you are loved. Happy birthday!

My Dad on Father’s Day

I am not a shopper. I usually need to ask someone where to buy a particular item. There are stores I have never set foot into, and I am okay with all of this. But lately I feel overwhelmed with “What to give dad for Father’s Day” ideas in the few places I frequent: coffeeshops, gas stations, restaurants.

I am not shopping for a card or gift this year for my Dad. He died last October. Why is it this year there are gift and card ideas always in my face when I do not need anything? I used to work hard in finding the right and best card for my Dad. I struggled figuring out what would be the best gift for him because I always believed he got what he wanted himself. Yet, I eventually did find card and gift and send it off in time for Father’s Day.

My Dad, on this date, while not physically present continues to be carried in my heart. I have written many a note to him in my mind, thanked him for the gifts he has given me all these years, and can only appreciate the fact he had been in my life for so many years!

Happy Father’s Day!