My Dad on Father’s Day

I am not a shopper. I usually need to ask someone where to buy a particular item. There are stores I have never set foot into, and I am okay with all of this. But lately I feel overwhelmed with “What to give dad for Father’s Day” ideas in the few places I frequent: coffeeshops, gas stations, restaurants.

I am not shopping for a card or gift this year for my Dad. He died last October. Why is it this year there are gift and card ideas always in my face when I do not need anything? I used to work hard in finding the right and best card for my Dad. I struggled figuring out what would be the best gift for him because I always believed he got what he wanted himself. Yet, I eventually did find card and gift and send it off in time for Father’s Day.

My Dad, on this date, while not physically present continues to be carried in my heart. I have written many a note to him in my mind, thanked him for the gifts he has given me all these years, and can only appreciate the fact he had been in my life for so many years!

Happy Father’s Day!

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