The usual interaction with a bicyclist coming toward me on the bike path is a wave of a hand, a quick “hello”, or nod of head, But today, loud and clear, it was a simple word, SNAKE!

I had seen a snake when I first rode through this area and I did not stop to take a photo. It was just beginning its slither across the bike path. A woman said something to me and I responded that the snake simply wanted to get to the other side. As she stood there with her dog, I figured the snake may do an about-turn. But it did keep moving forward as she walked her dog away.

On my return trip on the same path, I thought for sure the snake would have been across the path by now and I would not see it. As I got closer to the area, a bicyclist rode toward me and with a loud voice yelled

, SNAKE! Okay then, maybe I will be in luck, see a snake and not have any other person or dog around.

I see the snake just finishing its trip across the bike path and on its way to someplace in the sand. I stopped to grab my camera and the snake immediately stayed in its place. No movement, and never did move until I get back on my bicycle to ride off.


Slithered across a bike path in AZ!
Snake slithered across a bike path in AZ!


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