A Letter to Leaders….

Dear Leaders,

Yes, you as the leader of a family, team, environmental group, political group, school, church, or whatever organization you are a part of and designated leader, please read on. I simply want you as a leader to meet your responsibilities in a timely fashion, within budget, with concern for the people who look to you as their leader, and with justice.

I am tired, unimpressed, worried that our institutions are becoming out-dated, old, bankrupt, and with no concern for fellow man and woman. Our world needs leaders motivating others to operate at their fullest potential. Are you doing that?

Money is not the answer. Leaders need to create a work space that is healthy, supportive, fair, and with a vision so all know why it is important to support the organization you are leading. Happiness and inner fulfillment reap big dividends.

Leaders, go to work and work! Leaders, make decisions that will keep your organization fiscally responsible. Leaders, care for your people as though they are family…in a broad sense they really are! Leaders, be fair to all and when you seem to find it difficult, imagine you are walking in that person’s shoes!

Leaders, I applaud those who do the work at the highest level it can be done. Thank you!


A member of some wonderful teams with super leaders.

Horchata…is to drink and enjoy!

I am creating a new habit, especially when looking for a beverage break while on a bicycle ride. There are plenty of coffee stands, yet I think I have discovered a real treat. Horchata!

I had no idea what it was, but when the vendor said “cinnamon”, I was willing to give it a try, and have been drinking it ever since. Oh, did she also say the rest of the ingredients?

The authentic Mexican horchata is made during a process that seems to take a few hours to prepare…no wonder I will always buy it when on the road…soaking rice, almonds…and pouring through cheesecloth and adding cinnamon. Actually, I have no idea how to make the drink, but it is delicious.

Give it a try some day, especially if you enjoy cinnamon!

enjoy this drink...horchata!
enjoy this drink…horchata!
Delicious to the last drop! Enjoy iced on a warm day!

Four Minutes of Stillness! How to Achieve It…

I have heard it said many times, slow down. Or, rest is as important as exercise. And I have even participated in 21 day meditations where each meditative time is about 20 minutes… and they were a challenge! So why can I not turn my brain off? Why can I not be still for a few minutes? What can I do to solve this so I have the health benefits touted with meditative practice … although I actually would not mind going to a mountain top!

The years I backpacked alone in the Adirondack Mountains, or jogged/ran long miles during my 5km, 10km training days, or cross country skied on fresh snow at golf courses before others arrived, or whacked the crap out of a golf ball on Sunday mornings during my high school principalship years… those were the times my mind was still! Now, I am loving every minute of tennis, bicycling and volunteering, but I am not having moments where I can turn my brain off. And I decided that I really do need to solve this personal dilemma….so….here’s my plan……

Each morning I use my Mr Coffee maker and brew a cup of coffee. Simple. So, during the time the coffee brews I will focus on my breathing, and only my breathing until my coffee is brewed…I think the brew time is about 4 minutes…. What do I have to lose, nothing! And I always gain my cup of coffee, so it seems like it could be a win-win. Does this mean I actually have to do it for 21 consecutive days before it is considered a meditative success? or a crazy start to a habit? or simply 4 minutes of silence in the kitchen?

I hope I have success for 4 days; now that would be a start! Yet I will brew on and can always come back to the morning coffee/meditative challenge…or maybe I will take up running again?

Young People & Bicycles! Who Could Ask for More?

After a career of working with young people, it was with great satisfaction I could continue to do so while volunteering. Last week GABA members repaired at least 40 bicycles at a Tucson location. It was my first experience repairing bicycles for the young people who wheeled their bikes in with flat tires, broken shifters and/or worn brake pads into the gym where we hoped to solve their bike issues.

GABA members were organized in greeting the owner and recording the bike need, then they lined the numbered bikes up for the rest of us to work on as we were ready for the next bike. We knew we would work for 3 hours and during that time more and more bicycles kept arriving at the door; finally a sign had to be posted indicating no more bicycles could be considered on this day.

One young man walked around watching us complete various repairs. He was interested in learning as he watched. Some young girls hung around too so we had them pump up tires. It was great seeing them be involved!

Helpful girls pumping tires at bike repair.
Helpful girls pumping tires at bike repair.
Thanks to volunteers, many bikes fixed.
Thanks to volunteers, many bikes were fixed.