My Van … Simple Travel.

I often camp at Kampgrounds of America (KOA) locations due to the clean restrooms, security, and the fact there are many locations around the USA where I can easily book a site. Each night I walk around the campground to stretch my legs and talk with fellow campers. I continue to be amazed on the size and variety of vehicles people use for their travel. My van is puny compared to some of the other travel vehicles. That’s okay though. My van allows me to travel and live simply.

See my white van in the middle of all?

Conversations are often about the fact I have no additional air-conditioning or heating unit and that the van is a short length. Well for one person it is large enough! If it gets too cold or hot in a place, then it would be time for me to move on anyway, right? Or get snuggled in my down sleeping bag or have a breeze blowing though the van screens.

The luxury of moving on is always available. As a matter of fact, I rarely leave items at the campsite even when I plan to be there for a few days. This worked to my advantage one time while in Barstow, California. It was so hot, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, that I decided to take a drive and run the AC so I could cool off. While realizing the temperature was never going to be low enough to sleep comfortably in the van and I was not going to set up my tent since it still would be too hot, I decided to lose my campground cost, drive elsewhere, and get a hotel stay. I hope that does not happen often, but the flexibility I had made it all easy to accomplish.

Life and travel goes on in my van!

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    1. Thanks and please know there is always a delay in getting blog posts out. Full birding days and evenings downloading photos, when I do have electricity and WiFi, surely fill a day!

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