DIY with YouTube Instruction for Van & Home Life

Videos on YouTube have been valuable to me when DIY projects become mine to do! One moment I may have thought to not even tackle a project. Yet after watching YouTube videos I begin to think, well why shouldn’t I give it a try! The video presenter seems so sure of themself and I think I can take on the personal challenge too! (Actually I love taking things apart and putting them together again!)

While building sliding shelves for my van, I must have watched a dozen different videos on YouTube. I discovered the best locking drawer slides to purchase and how to install them. Was the entire process easy? No. I started with one sliding drawer and thought it easy, but it was a whole different world when I wanted 3 sliding drawers in the same cabinet.

Learning how to use a Kreg pocket hole jig via a YouTube video was another learning experience for my van work. I kept thinking there had to be a better way to join sides of a box than what I was doing. Yes, Kreg pocket hole jig to the rescue!

The above-mentioned projects were successfully completed by me. While at home, apparently our dryer pump was clogged with lint. Despite regular cleaning of the condenser, etc on our Bosc dryer, the machine was not working. Thanks to our viewing a couple of YouTube videos, we got the pump unclogged! This was the video most helpful, in case you ever need to know:

Many thanks to the people who are posting the YouTube videos and saving us money … not hiring someone else to do the job or needing to purchase a new machine. The day will come when I will need to hire a professional or replace an old product, but as long as I can do-it-myself I appreciate the DIY YouTube videos!

I’m curious, do you use YouTube for the same reason as I do?

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