Take Mental Health Time Even When You Travel

Travel … whether in country or around the world … requires constant coordination of your driving or flying plans, your meals each day, your lodging each night, and is anyone else involved in any or each of the needs, such as meeting someone at a specific time and place. While we look to travel often for relaxation, it isn’t always that way. The unexpected travel delay may be an airline cancellation, a broken windshield or flat tire on your vehicle needing immediate attention. The travel day can be long … hours not sitting in a comfortable chair, your body not properly hydrated for fear you’ll not find a restroom when you need it, the available food options sub-par. Travel bloggers often write of their need every 10 days or so to have a relaxed, no stress day. Being on the go, while fun and rewarding, can be tiring. So what do you do when you are traveling for weeks on end and don’t want to hit that wall?

The no stress day is mental health time. Maybe you need it more often than every 10 days. Or maybe you’re good with every two weeks. Your reality is what works for you … so you are not snapping at others in your impatience, or not tired while driving your vehicle, or getting the appropriate amount of physical exercise your body needs. When we travel we do not want to hit a wall where we are pushing through a day or an activity. Travel is to be enjoyable. To enjoy the moments our personal pace needs to respond to what we honestly need … and sometimes that is a no stress day. Our head and body will be happier for it! So take mental health time even when you travel! For some people, they actually schedule it on their travel plan.

What do you do to de-stress while traveling? How often do you take a stress-free day? Caregivers and people working in high stressful jobs also monitor and meet their needs as they usually already know stress kills. Take the time your head and body needs so you can travel longer in your life! 

Squirrel looking at me. I’m looking at him. My head & body love my outdoor time.