A Letter to Leaders….

Dear Leaders,

Yes, you as the leader of a family, team, environmental group, political group, school, church, or whatever organization you are a part of and designated leader, please read on. I simply want you as a leader to meet your responsibilities in a timely fashion, within budget, with concern for the people who look to you as their leader, and with justice.

I am tired, unimpressed, worried that our institutions are becoming out-dated, old, bankrupt, and with no concern for fellow man and woman. Our world needs leaders motivating others to operate at their fullest potential. Are you doing that?

Money is not the answer. Leaders need to create a work space that is healthy, supportive, fair, and with a vision so all know why it is important to support the organization you are leading. Happiness and inner fulfillment reap big dividends.

Leaders, go to work and work! Leaders, make decisions that will keep your organization fiscally responsible. Leaders, care for your people as though they are family…in a broad sense they really are! Leaders, be fair to all and when you seem to find it difficult, imagine you are walking in that person’s shoes!

Leaders, I applaud those who do the work at the highest level it can be done. Thank you!


A member of some wonderful teams with super leaders.