Wine, Cheese and Chocolate …and I’m There!

My reality lately though is I am not at the winery to enjoy this combo of food with wine; however, once again Papapietro Perry had a live at winery and virtual event at the same time.

I think is very slick how our world has changed and more programs are available to us through zoom. Papapietro Perry winery staff have gotten better with their programs and to combine it now with people at the winery was an excellent idea. We were concerned that they would not continue the virtual events, but they did!

At this event, we started with a delicious 2021 Chardonnay from Peters vineyard with Toma cheese from Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company. Sip of wine, bite of cheese, another sip of wine and then to try it all with Volo’s orange chocolate … which has orange pieces in it! Point Reyes creamery is a women-owned business with very happy cows and many different cheeses! Volo Chocolate was founded by a husband-and-wife team hand-making “bean to bar” chocolates.

Next tasting was 2019 Pinot Noir also from Peter’s vineyard, paired with Pimento cheese spread and dark chocolate with olive oil and roasted almonds. I love Papapietro Perry’s pinot noir … which is the reason we are wine club members with them… thanks to Pedroncelli Winery sending us just a short distance from their place to Papapietro Perry when they heard we were looking for delicious pinot noir. I was hesitant about the cheese spread but actually found it very tasty. The next day I took it and spread it on bread as my cheese with a turkey sandwich … delicious!

The final tasting was 2019 Pinot Noir from Nunes vineyard. Quinta cheese has a bark wrap around it and when left out about 1/2 hour before the tasting, it is like brie in its melting. With some ooze of cheese on a cracker and a sip of wine, wonderful! We followed this up with mocha bar….yum!

Papapietro Perry Winery is in Headsburg, California … check it out if you enjoy wines and specifically pinot noir. Pedroncelli Winery is in Geyserville, California and also has excellent wines …zinfandel …especially their Mother Clone. So if you are in California, you now have two wineries to enjoy tastings at. Let me know what you think of their wines!