Every Traveler Has A Story…

Talk with a traveler and each has a story to share, if you are willing to take the time to listen. I always find it fascinating to talk with people. Some come from beyond the USA. Others travel while in work-mode. Some are retirees seeing the world. Many are enjoying the outdoors with family and friends during their vacation or weekend.

I drive a Promaster, low roof, short van. Other van drivers are happy to show me their set-up and share the extensive travel they have accomplished or plan to do. One couple I met in Colorado were on their way to work on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. I see their luxurious van accommodations and hear the love they have for their vehicle. They are leaving their Colorado jobs for this new adventure of travel and work. They quizzed me about various aspects of my van since their van was totally new to them! Of course, I looked at their set-up, thought it luxurious, and helped them with a few questions they had for me since my set-up is very basic. No refrigerator or toilet issues to ever happen with my van since I have none of that. But I loved their story and appreciated their respect for my bed, bicycle and sliding shelves installation. Next morning, they were on their way north!

Campers walk by my van at a campground and quickly notice how simple my set-up is on arrival. I back my van onto a site, make sure my bed is level, set a step stool on a mat outside my side sliding door and I am done. At meal time, I pull out a milk crate containing my backpacking stove, dishes, and food. People stop by my campsite and ask what’s inside the van since I am cooking outside it! They are surprised to see its simplicity and then I hear their story. Some people have huge recreational vehicles and may even be pulling an additional vehicle behind it. While looking at my set-up, many people realize they could not do what I do … and that is okay … we each need to travel as we wish!

One Canadian couple converted a used ambulance to a camper with toilet, sink, stove, refrigerator and bed. They were walking the campground at the moment because they were waiting for a transmission repair. Bummer…. but we talked about their travel from Ontario, Canada to New Mexico with many miles completed. They shared information about Harvest Hosts; the joy they had in meeting other people on the road and supporting local businesses. I too have now had Harvest Host experiences, such as at Blue Heron Cheese in Tillamook, Oregon. It was great and I will continue to visit Harvest Host sites. Next morning I left the campground and hoped the Canadians would soon be back on the road.

At another campground a man looked at my van’s set-up and asked if he could call his daughter over for her to look at it. I said sure, thinking she was twenty years old or older. A teenager arrives and her father says, isn’t this what you are thinking about for your travel? That was so cool to think this young person was thinking about her future travel!

So… take time to talk with others … they may have an interesting story to share with you! To me, it is another advantage of travel!

Read … or talk with another about their travels!

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