Be Alert For Scammers …..

Time is important to me. I try to do all I can in a day and hours fly by! Where does the time go? On those days life is good.
HOWEVER… when someone or something wastes my time, I am furious! I rarely use the word hate … but I do hate scammers!
Beware the Geek Squad scammers! Don’t open the email, don’t call the number on the email. Report their phishing activity … plenty of info available on the web to learn those sites and/or call Best Buy and they have info. Block any phone call you may have made from the email. Change your password for the email it came in on. Notify your email provider to list the sender as junk and to be blocked. Check your credit cards and banking to be sure all is okay.
Why do some people need to be crooks, scammers, liars, dishonest, and simply awful? A scammer will waste your time trying to close them down, but it has to be done. Be aware … watch out for scammers!

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