Television? Not in My Van Travel!

Watching television while traveling in my van simply does not happen … and so it was for me  April through June of this year. Once back home, I tried to catch up on my recorded television programs. However beginning July 1, I was busy watching cyclists for 21 days of bicycle racing in the grueling Tour de France, followed by 8 days with the women bicycle racing in their Tour de France! Also, I could not miss grass-court, Wimbledon tennis action which started at the same time and continued for 2 weeks! And let me not forget Women World Cup Soccer. Those games reminded me of my college days, 4 years running up and down the field hockey field. While a hockey stick hurts when hit in the shin by another, I cannot wrap my head around a soccer ball bouncing off my head! What athletes will do to be successful on a tennis court, soccer field or roadway for hours at a time in each sport. Kudos to all!

Thankfully DVR’s allow us to record television programs. Once Wimbledon, World Cup and the Tour de France men and women tours were over, I began watching my recorded programs. Fortunately there is no announcement on my radio of who won “Tough as Nails” or “American Ninja Warrior”. I can watch my “Nature” and “Hope in the Wild” programs knowing that I had spent many hours in the natural world while I traveled and can now relax watching others in nature. Binge-watching “Call of the Midwife” and other PBS programs become do-able, especially with a bowl of popcorn! 

What a life I enjoy! 24/7 time I can spend in the natural world while traveling in my van and then to return home to the luxury of television-viewing. When I walk the campgrounds at night I see RVers with their televisions … some have multiple televisions in their rigs … and I think my break from TV watching is beneficial to me … and that is important … so is the DVR!

Would not want to have missed this sunset!

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