Love Multi-Use Trails!

Loving the outdoors may bring you to it by a neighborhood walk or a drive to a local park. More and more, you will discover trails are available for all of us to use at the same time. These multi-use trails allow hikers, runners, cyclists, snowshoers and horseback riders to be on a trail to enjoy the outdoors.

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2 thoughts on “Love Multi-Use Trails!

  1. Of course there are also great drawback to multi-use trails. Hiking in the Sierras on a trail with horses is generally not very pleasant. I don’t mind that they have the right of way (why?), but I do mind vast amount of horse manure. Why don’t riders have to clean up after themselves? It is possible to have “clean” horses. A second major problem with horses is the rapid deterioration of the trail — horses are heavy, their hooves are hard and that chews up any trail.
    As you can tell, I have a rather negative view of horses on the trail. Simply because they have been on trails in the 19th century doesn’t really justify having heavy horse traffic in the 21st.

    1. I understand exactly what you said, and it brings to my mind 2 thoughts: I dislike dog waste worse than horse manure and there are times I actually hike an equestrian trail to get away from rude mountain bikers, runners and dog walkers. Often I find myself assessing each trail I plan to be on as either a hiker or cyclist before I go to it. Best are the trails with a gravel trail parallel to a paved trail as that splits some of the concern, especially the trail deterioration as you mentioned.

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