A Retiree is Hopping To It!

Ever feel there are a million things to do in a day? And a million more to complete within a year? How can there be so many things to do in a retiree’s life? Where to begin? What to do? Can I still fit my daily nap in … only joking as I have not figured out the “art of napping”. I hear it is a good thing. Silly of me to ever think my retired life would be slow, or slow down.

As I enter a new decade in a few months, I liked a quote reminding me the first decades of my life were for research and now I can get on with the crux of what I have been wanting to do. For many years I worked hard in the educational world to ultimately enjoy international travel with no need to only schedule trips during school breaks. I have been to 23 countries so far with so many more to visit, but unfortunately Covid-19 has slowed my international travel progress. The past couple of years I was to be in at least 6 more countries new to me! With my life goal of wanting to see the world, six is a huge number and months of travel put on hold! When will I get to these missed countries? When will I see more of the world? This retiree is not getting younger … hmmm … maybe I should check into the “art of napping”.

I anticipate 2 more years of virus anxiety around the world because people vary in their protection from the virus. As a result, I am hopping to another travel goal for the upcoming 2 years! The USA and Canada are beautiful countries. I hope to combine bird-watching, bicycling bike paths and rural roads, photography, and discovering unique places and people within each of these countries. They are similar hopes to any of my international travel goals, since I always wish to wander and travel with flexible travel plans. My goal is to move on living my life while I can! To many individuals who are older than me remind me to do so! And while I know they are probably right, it has taken me a bit of time to get going again.

Time to travel … with a new van … converted within to my needs …. and in time we’ll see how it turns out … and then time to hit the road! I am hopping onto a new idea; wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “A Retiree is Hopping To It!

  1. Loss of travel time during Covid has been the new biological clock ticking in my 70’s.
    I did manage to fit in Switzerland and Italy last year during a lull in the infection rates. I have wanted to go to Egypt for 30 years and with the opening of the new G.E.M. hoped for the end of the year I’d love to set my plans of that, along with SCUBA in the Red Sea.

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