Put Your Brain To Work!

There is nothing new these days. We have always had to make decisions. New are the facts to be considered when making a decision. Where do we get our facts? Can we agree to live with what becomes known? Will we respect another who decides differently? Can we live in a world where our thoughts and actions necessitate time in their formation?

I recall a time as a school administrator where one badgered me in wanting an answer to their question. We need to take time to think, use our brain, consider various ideas at once to make the best decision, not be swayed, but to truly think! You do not want the rushed answer as it will most likely be “no”.

Allow another time to think, just as you are taking time to think about all that is happening in your current world: women may ask, if it is my body and my choice, why is the government intervening in my reproductive issues? Many people may ask, should I vaccinate or not, wear a facial mask or not, or stay indoors with others in large crowds. Others may ask, many environmental, dietary, and mental health questions. There is an unending list of questions to ask; many answers to be given, but all take time for us to truly research the facts and to answer intelligently. Give yourself time to think and then answer. It ultimately is your decision or another’s decision, to be respected. And/or have a conversation as to why each of you differ; there are times that will happen and it will be okay.

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