Do You Know What a Kula Cloth Is?

Well we have been down this path before in discussing the world of pee and poop, but with so many people getting outdoors I wanted to go one step further than my other blog posts, Pee & Poop, We All Do It and Women Can Stand To Pee. Of course, check them out if you have not already done so!

I do not want to repeat myself so let’s move on with my latest info. If you are needing to poop in the woods, please follow this instruction:

For those of you camping in your van with no toilet within it or at a dispersed camping site where there are not even pit toilets for your use, consider purchasing a “toilet”, put the poop/solid waste bag in it and dispose the bag after your use.

Another “toilet” possibility for your purchase and use:

And what is the Kula Cloth? I was at my favorite store, REI and saw this sign:

It is important to pack out all toilet paper you use. Or use less TP for pee times; this antimicrobial cloth allows you to use it all day, then wash it at the end of the day! Less toilet paper being used and we can certainly pack this out, wash and re-use the next time!

So, do your part in keeping our outdoor lands fecal and toilet paper/solid waste-free and try the Kula Cloth for your pee times so less TP is even needed. Thanks!

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