Women Can Stand To Pee!

Here’s an update on the world of (PUD) “personal urination devices” or (STP) “stand to pee” devices for women. You probably do not recall my March 15, 2021 “Pee & Poop” blog post when I did test a few products. Click on my post’s title link above to refresh your memory, if you wish. 

Recently I realized I was still squatting behind cacti, shrubbery or a car door more often than using any of the pee devices, until I discovered and tried the “pStyle”! This plastic device works for me much better than the softer flexible devices. Who would have thought!?! I was comfortable squatting, but it did require pulling my shorts/pants down. The “pStyle” device can be used while fully clothed. Simply unzip a front zipper or move clothing to position the device as needed and it is time to pee!

Directions for the device will state you can use the rounded back edge and wipe away drips, thus no toilet paper needed. When done, shake any drips from the device, wipe it with wet ones or soap and water and/or toss in your bag to wash later. Know it is dishwasher safe if you are inclined to clean it in that manner. This device does not fold up small like other devices which could be a concern for you, but since I like the ease in using this one that is a minor factor. Just store it someplace and you are set. You can buy a carry-bag for your pStyle, sold separately, or make your own.

When you are out on the hiking trail being sure to hydrate, no worries! Driving down the road and wondering where is the next restroom, no worries! The “pStyle” device will be a game changer for you to stand up and pee on your timeline!

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