Going Down A Rabbit Hole … Oh My!

I have been home from my travel … no, I do not live in any burrow … but I discovered in my attempt to catch-up on things I have been occasionally going down rabbit holes! While home I try to research, of course while at my computer, needed personal items, upcoming bird festivals, future travel options locally and internationally, and anything else I fancy checking out! As you may know, there is always something that takes you in a different direction and becomes the next time sink! So what’s been my latest areas of interest?

Bird festivals: My 2023 year is an eBird checklist per day for the year and are there any birds I want to add to my life list this year too? Hmmm … this requires checking bird lists per area and learning whether it is in my best interest to travel to the place. Hawaii is a possibility, plus a state in the USA I have never been. Pelagic, Pacific Ocean, bird discovery tours are an option to see the birds that fly over the ocean’s water rarely coming to land. I have my motion-sick patch so I could go now!

Hiking shoes: Footwear is where I will never compromise on quality, but can manufacturers never keep the same boot for more than a couple of years? I was researching a replacement of a Lowa mid-ankle boot that I love. The current model does not have the Gore-tex liner but instead a synthetic liner. Are you kidding me? Now I have to research the difference between these two liners! Come to learn, a synthetic liner is bonded to the boot using a strong adhesive possibly reducing the membrane’s breathability. A Gore-tex liner is only bonded at the toe and heel thus helping retain the leather’s natural breathability. 

Travel: Where do I wish to travel in 2024? During Covid I opted for van travel in the USA, but now I am looking to hop on a plane and go someplace new! My goal to see the world had been thwarted by the pandemic so my last travel was in 2019. Quite honestly, I am unhappy that three years of my life was with no international travel, but for health reasons I decided to be more than safe and stay off planes. Plus, news reports about unruly behavior by passengers towards each other and airline employees was distressing. But now I have been comparing travel companies and their tours versus options for solo travel in the same places. You got it … hours later, I am no closer to a final decision, but I’ll be back!

Sketching: All my watercolor or acrylic paintings would be best started with my own sketch of whatever, so I have been working on my sketching ability. Or I thought this was a good idea. Also decided I did not need to purchase any more books, which then prompted me to check the web for on-line sketching instruction. And there it happened; once again one YouTube video of instruction after another. I now think I know the difference between an “HB” pencil versus “2B”, and if I do not I will just look it up again! Anyway, more fun sketching with various on-line people and maybe I learned something new. And then there was a watercolor video … oh no, down another rabbit hole!

Do you know how many directions you can go, when on the computer, researching one simple item? Or what you thought would be a simple thing and you begin to notice something else? Then you are off to look at that item! When I travel I do not have time, nor take the time, to sit and see all the offshoots, since I know I would be missing out on my day’s adventure. However, when home I get caught in a rabbit hole if I am not careful. I really need to get back on the road … once I decide which cooler to purchase as I am tired buying ice so often while on the road. See you down the road with my new cooler soon!