Because We Need Each Other

Various charities in the USA receive my donations. I support programs helping young people have proper nutrition and a good education. A community with clean water and healthcare is important and not everyone in our country has all that available to them. Where I can, I do donate.

Recently I decided to sponsor a young person in Ethiopia, Africa. The nine year old girl I am sponsoring has needs as many here in the USA: proper nutrition, clean water, healthcare and education. I am sponsoring this young girl through Child Fund.

Past years of traveling allowed me to make donations and visits to schools across the world. I have stopped in at schools in Peru, Nepal, Africa and Costa Rica and sent packages to them when I returned home. Since the pandemic my international travel has been paused, so I decided to sponsor a child elsewhere in the world outside of the USA. Child Fund is the organization I donate to with the opportunity to write and get to know the young person I am sponsoring.

Providing help to those in our backyard and across the world is important to me. Human beings vary in their struggles and where it is possible to provide help I try to do so. I appreciate organizations such as Child Fund International. If you are looking for a way to help around the world, check out Child Fund. If you are looking to help in your own backyard, then consider Feeding America or a local Habitat for Humanity.

We need each other on this planet of ours and you can do a part in helping another person by easily donating to some great programs already on the ground helping around the USA and world. Thanks for your help!