One With An Ocean Wave …

How many of us find the special spot to sit and simply be present? I noticed while observing the Pacific Ocean, I could sit and be one with each wave flowing in and then out … flowing in again and out … There is almost something hypnotic about it! I noticed other people finding a place to sit and looking out on the ocean or others who are fishing for hours at a time and have no worry about not catching one single fish.

One recent time while sitting by the ocean’s edge, I noticed a spurt of water coming from a rock. As I spent time watching the hole in the rock, I noticed as the water ebbed and flowed it was spurting out of the hole. Look at the sequence of photos to see the hole, some water and the gush of water. I watched it for awhile as I was one with each wave of the ocean!

See the slit in the rock, middle of photo.
I notice small amount of water.
The wave comes in and a gush of water!

I cannot get to an ocean each time I want to sit in a quiet space, but I know there are other places I can enjoy. Do you have a quiet place in your home, your neighborhood, or where you love to travel and sit quietly? I hope so, as there is a need for us to be calm at times and a space of quiet can help. Enjoy your place wherever it may be.

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