Is it a Downed Blimp?

We walked down a dusty road to a trailhead in Tucson, Arizona. From our angle, we saw the top portion of what looked like a huge orange balloon. This “thing” was not shot down, but simply taking space in a trailhead parking lot. As we got closer to it, we discover it is an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! We learn when talking with the 2 people who are driving this particular wienermobile that there are 6 on the road someplace in the USA!

The people we talked with were very nice and even offered a coupon for my next purchase of an Oscar Mayer product. I declined as I cannot even recall the last time I had any of their products and the other person with me is vegetarian. We talked about job responsibilities and then I researched further to discover some basic info. There are only one year contracts…7k people applied for 2,200 openings. Salary is $35,600 with a weekly stipend of $150, 18 paid days off, full health benefits and paid hotels. The workers travel though 20 states and are brand ambassadors. Applicants do need to have a bachelor’s degree in public relations or marketing, be friendly, have a driver’s license and love hot dog puns!

No doubt in my mind, people would be drawn to this vehicle when it pulls into a parking lot! It was fun to see it and talk with the people who were driving it here for the local rodeo event where they were to be at next. Maybe you will see one in your neighborhood! Or you may be a recent college graduate looking for an interesting one year opportunity with the wienermobile! How did I miss this career opportunity? For one year, it would be so fun!

4 thoughts on “Is it a Downed Blimp?

  1. This was one of the funniest posts you have done, and very unexpected. I had to smile at your detailed info. Who knew this could be a job? I am sure the college graduates parents said the same thing.

    1. More difficult to get this job than to get into Harvard! We contemplated asking them to park at our home and see HOA response since they denied RV’s we own on our driveways!

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