Morocco, Oh What Memories!

I had a busy 2019 traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, then a few weeks in Canada, a month in Poland, and at the last minute I added a fall trip to Morocco. I thought, why not? My lifetime goal is to see the world, get on with it! Little did I know in March 2020 all my upcoming plans of international travel would be scuttled by the Covid virus affecting the entire globe!

While hearing recently about Morocco’s team playing at the World Cup, I realized I had fond memories of that trip. I traveled with a friend and the tour company Intrepid. It is a no-frills company. We carry our own luggage, why I always pack and use my backpack, use public transportation, and meet with local guides in each town. The tour company attracts younger people than us, but we held our own, especially as they tried to roll suitcases down escalators or to carry their heavy bags up stairs!

Morocco is beautiful! Here are some photos from that adventure. My goal is to return and spend more than one night in the Sahara Desert. While I loved our one desert night there it was not enough! I love dark skies as stars pop through and always seem to twinkle my way. Enjoy the photos!

2 thoughts on “Morocco, Oh What Memories!

  1. Beautiful. I am finally doing my longtime goal of Egypt with my friend who is also my travel agent. We will be gone 3 weeks to see Ancient Egypt with 4 days in Jordan. One night we will sleep in the desert 1 night and go to Petra. This is a true once in a lifetime trip. Now I need to patiently wait until just before Thanksgiving. My last epic 3 week trip you met me in Bangkok at the airport. Hey, I will be leaving Cairo on Dec. 6 th!

    1. What a trip you have to anticipate and then enjoy, wow! Wouldn’t I love to be in Cairo, but darn it, no plan of international travel for me at this time.

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