It’s Not Always About the Birds!

I was thinking about the readers of this blog. Are they saying, is it always about birds? So I went back through my photos to see and this is what I discovered. Many are birds, but there are some exceptions … time to share a few of those photos if I have not done so already.

Other animals: javelina, gray fox, squirrels in various locations in Texas, spider’s web, alligators, flowers and butterflies:

A woman walked by my campsite and asked what was for dinner. I told her minced clams with onions and rice noodles. She was amazed to find out I could cook it all on a backpacker stove. And yes, I do enjoy a Deschutes black porter beer! 

So now I see I am bird – obsessed sprinkled with some other observations! How can I not be though. I saw so many new birds in my life and that has been exciting! What are there, 10,000 different species of birds in the world? I now have 374 … I’ve got some work to do! I look forward to sharing them and my van adventures with you … and other thoughts and happenings … hang in there as who knows what the next year will bring!

8 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About the Birds!

  1. Looking forward to see what travels next year brings for you.
    I have Ireland, a Rocky Mountaineer train trip of the Canadian Rockies with a ferry trip to Vancouver Island in B. C. on my calendar.

  2. On our birding adventure in Africa, our guide told us, look for and identify the birds and you will see all kinds of other wildlife.

    Question- where do you find lists for keeping track of what you see?

    Merlin identifies but I cannot find a way to keep track of what I see on that app.

    Stay healthy and happy!

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