On the Road to Home!

The last couple of days on the road I decided to eat Mexican food in Texas and in New Mexico, pleasant switches from the food I had been cooking. I Yelped for suggestions of places to eat and planned accordingly. What I had not planned for was the rock flying from a sleeper commercial truck trailer east of El Paso, Texas into my windshield … bummer … and then to watch the crack lengthen in the next day! Not fun … a whole 8 inches!

A better time …. my late Mexican lunch at Mi Pueblo Nuevo in El Paso was fantastic. I ordered horchata and it was huge! The drink was so large that I left with 8 oz in a to-go cup. The chips were tasty. The salsa so hot I could only have a small amount on each chip. The tortilla soup came with my meal and was hot and delicious. The green chili chicken enchiladas, rice and pinto beans hit the spot. The staff were friendly and most spoke Spanish. As I left I was practicing with one young lady on how to say eighteen, nineteen, etc…. in English. Maybe I should try to learn Spanish despite my difficulty learning French.

Green chili chicken enchiladas

At night in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I needed my fall sleeping bag and a fleece blanket as the late night, early morning temperature was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. I had already selected where I would eat my Mexican breakfast the next morning. Yelp reviews forewarned me about the popularity of OMPC, The Shed in Las Cruces so I arrived before the place opened. Four other vehicles were there too. I had huevos ranchero with pinto beans and the best green chili cheddar toast! Yum!

Huevos ranchero with scrambled egg, pinto beans and delicious toast!

Now for my final hours on the road. My audiobooks had been listened to, the interstate driving was tiresome and I was ready to be home! Along the way I did stop to make my cup of tea … thankfully rest areas were open so I had easy places to pull off. Time to think about upcoming projects: Habitat for Humanity work, holiday prep, and getting back to routines. The Harlingen – Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival was a wonderful experience! I was happy to have attended. Meeting new people, seeing 35 new birds, and for the most part we had very good weather … who could ask for more? Not me, it was all fun!

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