In CT? Have You Visited Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center?

Mystic Connecticut is known for its aquarium, seaport, and historic village, yet do not overlook a visit to a very informative nature center surrounded by various hiking trails at Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center. I walked the Forest Loop, a meditative trail, around a couple of ponds, Meadow  and Ledge trails to enjoy the outdoors and observe wildlife.

The nature center was founded in 1946, and in 2013 it acquired the 45 acre Coogan Farm to protect the colonial (earliest 1646) farms including the Denison Homestead and Avalonia Land Conservancy. It was enjoyable walking the trails through diverse habitats which also link with the nearby neighborhoods, the nature school, other businesses and nature center. There was much more for me to check out if I had time to do so, but not on this visit. 

This center is located on the North Atlantic Migratory Flyway so a wonderful place to observe birds throughout the year. I did observe 10 different bird species during my visit. Also, squirrels were scurrying around and turtles were sunning themselves … everyone enjoying the day!

Here are some photos from this visit:

Common grackle
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Canada goose

2 thoughts on “In CT? Have You Visited Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center?

  1. Your ‘common grackle’ posed nicely for your photo to show us those gorgeous iridescent feathers. I went on to do a little research. In doing so, I guess now I can put up with their foraging my woodpecker suet cages. I learned that they sometimes pick the leeches off the legs of turtles; turtles happen to be good friends of mine. Thanks for inspiring me to be inspired!

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