Celebrate Your Life!

Another day, another year, another birthday! Time to celebrate!

Not only another year … another decade, time to celebrate!

Wow time flies, yet I think I am making the most of what life offers me!

Time to celebrate; happy birthday to me.

When it is your birthday this year, happy birthday to you too!

Celebrate and live your life! 

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Life!

  1. Yes! I know the feeling. I will have a decade next year, however, I am ignoring the present one and remaining 68 due to it’s relationship to it’s generation. When I actually hit 70 I will say I had a brain bleep. I was alone on my birthday and celebrated by going to a newly opened restaurant called the Milk Stand. It was the former Byrne Dairy on Meadow Street. On the menu was advertised an Austin Burger, a beef burger with sauteed spinach topped with goat cheese. Having had goat cheese for the first time at my son’s house in Hawaii, I was not able to refuse the temptation and ordered a take-out of the $16 burger with an included side of fries. It was truly delicious, too delicious since I didn’t know when I was full and consumed it all and had a horrendous stomach ache when I had finished. So not so Happy Birthday to me. But I will say at this time, a very Happy Birthday to you, Mary, and beyond!

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