Lake Fulmor: Gem in a Californian Forest!

What is interesting about Lake Fulmor is that it is just off the scenic Highway 243 in the San Bernardino National Forest. I can imagine this a busy day use area when the weather is very hot in the Palm Springs, California area! It does take an hour drive to get here, but people could visit for hours, picnic, fish for trout, walk the half mile trail around the lake and relax in a beautiful setting! There is a handicapped accessible trail and beautifully built fishing pier for all to enjoy! Major construction was done in building that pier!

Birds were numerous here … no doubt they were enjoying the water as much as we enjoyed looking at it. This water is not for swimming and if you visit during July and August you may see an algal bloom. The blue-green algae growth is a natural part of a lake’s ecology even though you may feel heart-wrenched as fish have difficulty breathing. A fish kill can result. In the fall the lake will return to normal. Again, it is a normal cycle that occurs on lakes this size.

Lake Fulmor
Sturdy fishing pier and rock-walled paths.
That rock is HUGE!

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