Cancer … Dread Hearing Even the Word!

How many times have I heard someone has cancer? It didn’t matter which cancer it was since all cancers were equally dreaded by me. I read details and the latest research about the cancer I had last heard about and always encouraged the person with the cancer to do the same, get a second opinion and to seek support.

During a recent bicycle ride, I stopped at the Cancer Survivors’ Park at Spanish Landing Park East in San Diego! I actually felt comforted reading every sign posted along the park’s pathway. No photo could capture the look of the park; more importantly though I wanted to share its information. Below is a snippet of what I read at each sign post.

  1. Cancer results from wildly dividing cells and while this happens 6 times a day within each of us, our immune system usually kills them. When we do not have a strong immune system, cancer happens, yet it is not the largest killer of women… it is heart disease.
  2. Make up your mind to fight the disease … commit to do all that you need to do.
  3. Knowledge is power … so read all about the disease.
  4. Find a qualified physician who believes you can be successfully treated. Get a second opinion too. This is your body, your life, so do everything you can.
  5. Eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy immune system. Think of yourself.
  6. Maintain a positive outlook with whatever method you wish: visual imagery, meditation, nature’s god, relaxation and/or prayer. Positive mental health is important.
  7. Do not look back and say, “I wish I had done…” Do all these things now so you have the best result… life.

As I read this information, I actually felt comforted knowing friends who currently have cancer are doing these important steps. While I try to maintain phone contact with them, maybe I am adding a positive moment to their day.

I also wonder, especially after reading “The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race” by Walter Isaacson, if there will be a cancer-free world some day. The gene editing research may lead to such medical advances. In the meantime, support each other how best we can … with or without cancer. Life is precious and death is permanent. Let’s do all we can to live a healthy life!

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