Ospreys at Work

Taking time to observe wildlife. A photo story of 2 ospreys at their nest …

And the other osprey flying to the same nest …

Hmmm… will be interesting to see what happens in the next days …. this may only be nest-building time. I hope I see more activity in the upcoming days.

2 thoughts on “Ospreys at Work

  1. These are terrific compositions. Love the one w pine needles. I ran into a border friend yesterday that I have kayaked with while she worked in her photography. Her son manages the Health Food grocery store in Ithaca I use to frequent. She said she stopped working on her U.S. lifetime list at 568 birds because she felt too obsessed.

    1. Thank you. Interesting comment Re obsession with birding life list as there are times I think I should scoot to NM and see new birds there or UT, but fortunately I have a few projects here to work on away from birding.

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