Ocean to Inland Sea: the Salton Sea

To break up the long drive home, I decided to stop and stay a night on the east side of the Salton Sea at a state park campground, yet to sleep in my car for the one night … that is one reason I built the bed platform! I drove the most scenic route from San Diego to the Salton Sea. I drove past ranches and vineyards, then on winding roads through mountains with a stop in the small town of Julian known for its pies. Through national forest land and state parks all looking like perfect areas to return to someday and camp. At lunch time, I pulled off the road and while I ate I worked on my journal.

Hinged kitchen shelf worked well!

Then the landscape dramatically changes as you soon drive through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to the Salton Sea. Plenty of history about this area. I settled in at the campground which meant I drove my car in. Nothing else to do since all is contained in my car and I would not be setting up a tent. Down at the water’s edge I did cook some dinner and look for birds. New birds for me here: lesser nighthawk, Forster’s tern, black-bellied plover and eared grebe. Unfortunately I could not get a photo of the one tern that flew over, but a local birder acknowledged for me that it was the type of tern seen in this area.

I love seeing birds having fun so I had to capture these photos:

My eventual goal, beyond learning what bird is what and bird photography, is to capture birds in interesting activity. All these skills will come together some day. Finally time to sleep and keep the annoying black flies out my sleeping area. I finally have a chance to test my mosquito netting on the back of my car. I rigged it from a baby carriage mosquito netting. I will report, it worked great, but then again once the air temperature got cool the flies were not hanging around. My three season sleeping bag was perfect as the cool temperatures arrived around 2AM.

The next morning I met a friend for breakfast and then was on my way home. During the pandemic, which we are still in until we reach herd immunity in this country as far as I am concerned, I did travel, wear a mask and for the most part stay away from many people. I am fortunate to enjoy this type of activity. So this adventure was well worth it for me and I will have to think of what will be my next road trip.

In the meantime, I encourage all to get vaccinated. As more places open up here and around the world, I do believe proof of vaccination will be required. Till my next adventure, let me leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors Henry David Thoreau, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”.

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