Add Some Kindness Today

For weeks humankind has continued to suffer, whether we consider the effects of the Coronavirus, mass shootings, or any other hardship in one’s life. During this time of physical distancing, our hugs are too few. With facial masks being worn, our smiles are too few. We need to listen and comfort one another because tough times have continued for so many. No one has a crystal ball to know when we will emerge from the hardships each of us are facing, but staying positive and offering another person kindness can go a long way for the other person and yourself!

I love being outdoors. I like respecting and caring for the environment I am in. I also love seeing a sign from another human being. It may be a labyrinth where the path leads to a center. This kind person spent time putting rocks in place for others to walk the journey.

Or sometimes you see the touch of a person at a stream/creek where balancing rocks are shared and we can add to them. Each rock can signify an intention as one patiently creates the balance for one rock upon another. Rarely do I add a rock to another person’s work as I would feel awful if they fell!

I have walked along paths and seen small, colorful rocks with messages on them, but recently I noticed this in my neighborhood. The Sedona rocks, known for their energy, were provided to others here in Tucson.

I thought this latest addition of kindness in the world is reflective of the latest hardships and sadness that we as a world are continuing to endure. Here a kind person provided an opportunity for others to partake in a positive activity! Photography is my fun, and the positive spin I wanted to take away from this offering is here:

Thank you all for sharing your time and energy in creating something each of us can enjoy with no strings attached. I hope I do the same for you too!

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