A Simple Tool …. Stumped Me For A Moment!

I know it is not rocket science, but when I prepare for a camping trip and decide on a menu I need the right stuff. Or the right kitchen equipment to be sure I can open cans, stir food in a pot and/or pack potholders. I have been known to singe potholders, melt spoons and other crazy happenings over the many, many years of cooking on a small stove. Sometimes that is what happens when camping! All part of the adventure!

I noticed as I was planning for a recent trip, I had cans of fruit with no flip-top for easy opening. Deciding not to take the home can opener, I went to the store … actually many stores …. not finding a simple can opener. They all seemed to have large cranks to turn and were simply bulky.

Home can opener

Finally I was shopping at my favorite neighborhood store, ACE Hardware, and found the smallest, simplest can opener I had ever seen. Just like putting your tent up, unrolling sleeping bags, and other prep before a camping trip, I decided I should be sure I know how to use this small can opener.

My new can opener … but how to use it!?!

First off, let me same I do not use any can opener on a regular basis. Then I looked at this one and thought how difficult could this one be? To be honest I was stumped for a few minutes. I tried different approaches and studied where it was to attach to the can. Finally! I got it! Moral of the story: know how all your equipment works before heading out on your campout. (I now look twice on can tops to see how each opens!)

I got the can of fruit open with the new can opener!

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