To Crater Lake National Park Today!

We left Bend's McMenamins Hotel, very cool place, and were shuttled to Dutchman Flat. We hopped on our bikes and biked 28 miles to Crane Prairie Reservoir for lunch. That was a beautiful place to have lunch and temperatures are still warm!
After a 2.5 hour shuttle to just outside Crater Lake entrance a few people got out to ride into the park and at the next van support spot only one person plus one guide rode to the crater's edge. Between 90 degree temperature, going to 7,000 feet, some of us decided we could wait and do this last section tomorrow when we ride the rim….if we choose that challenge.
A wildfire outside of the park grew from 200 acres to 1400 acres in a days time so the sunset was colorful! Delicious dinner tonight and now time to relax as we have a full day tomorrow; just wish it was not so hot!

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