Crater Lake National Park

I learned new information about Crater Lake National Park today via a trolley tour around the 33 mile rim drive and a ranger speaking about all aspects of this park which became our 6th national park in 1906. Thank goodness stewards of our planet designated places then for us to see today, despite the unusually high air temperature and the smoke-filled sky due to 2 wildfires. One fire is in the park, the other outside of it.
Now back from our tour and having just enjoyed lunch at the lodge, I am hoping wifi can allow me to download some photos of Wizard Island, beige-colored rock columns at Pumice Castle, Vidae Falls and 2 other points of interest: Lady of the Lake and Phantom Ship.
Lady of the Lake is a white spot in one photo and with this lake's water so clear you can see the tree top as the white spot and the trunk below the water's surface. Phantom Ship was actually one of the earliest eruptions of many, many eruptions on this 12,000 foot mountain, now referred to as Mount Mazama. Amazingly so much volcanic action happened in the area, there was nothing left under the summit so it collapsed and with many years of rain and snowfall a lake is here. I am sure to learn more geology at the 2 ranger talks I will get to before the day ends.

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