Wonder What He’s Thinking?


Photography is my new goal…or maybe not so new, continued goal…I keep hoping it takes a lifetime to learn…just like tennis is a lifetime sport! Anyway, I like photos that are not the usual. I wonder what this guy is thinking?


Am I done for the day? Am I really ready to ride home on my bicycle with my surfboard? That ship really should not come any closer! Are the waves getting bigger or is that my imagination? Did I really need my full wetsuit today? Is it really necessary to be on my way or do I have another place to stop? Hmmm…

I know this guy had a great day! Did you? I did!

2 thoughts on “Wonder What He’s Thinking?

  1. He might be thinking: ‘mmmm…. I wonder if this is my best side? Should I check with the photographer if she’s got me, or does she want to take a few more shots …?’

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