Women’s March in Tucson, AZ

It’s been a long time since I have marched for a cause, but the latest political climate prompted me to march in Tucson, Arizona. Short of 15,000 people marched the streets here with varying messages on signs and people leading loud chants. It was wonderful to see so many marches also around the nation and world! But today was only a first step in sending a message to all our state and national representatives and senators, cabinet members, Vice President and President. 
It is time also to read petitions and sign those you can support. Check into this site: http://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ and stay involved! 

Today was a start of a possible new normal with more marches needed, along with phone calls to appropriate leaders not doing their job for us, citizens of America! We cannot standby and do nothing; choose one issue you care about and be sure it really is being handled as you want. And if it is not, then get involved too! We all need to do our part, even if a small part! All of us together makes us stronger.

March on all! Do your part!

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