Our National Park System With Pride

Just visited Yellowstone National Park; it was an amazing trip. Despite numerous wildfires in the park, for the most part we could travel to the places we wanted to see, and occasionally get near wildlife. Everyone seemed to be respectful of the wildlife in keeping safe distances from them. There were times I would have loved to use a longer zoom lens on my camera, but all worked out fine. Mudpots, vents, basins, geysers, Mammoth Springs, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Prismatic Basin, beautiful mountains and valleys, and numerous board walks to get closer to certain areas…none to be missed if you ever get to Yellowstone. I would imagine it is magical in winter and maybe that will be in my future!

Be sure to make Yellowstone National Park one of your destinations! I am so proud of the fact that individuals so many years ago had the foresight to set land aside to be protected, so animals could roam it too, and I could visit a wilderness.

What amazing colors to be seen!
What amazing colors to be seen!
Iconic Old Faithful!

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