Wildlife Bridges, Important & Absolutely Amazing!

I was driving to one of the small ponds I check every so often for waterfowl. On my way I saw a wildlife person picking up a dead coyote off the road. I assumed the person with the other car reported the dead animal to the wildlife person. Not every highway has a wildlife crossing, but the work the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection group has encouraged did result in an overpass and underpass for wildlife at 2 different locations in the Tucson, Arizona area.

I continued to the pond which is within a golf course. I saw a coyote there. I wondered if this coyote had been with the other coyote sometime during the day. I watched the coyote walk across the golf course. I followed it in my car to see what direction he was headed. The coyote did stop, listen and watch for some small animal to pounce upon and capture, and finally walk further down the golf course beyond where I could see.

I was curious how popular wildlife bridges are, so of course I Googled it. I discovered at www.boredpanda.com/bridges-for-animals-around-the-world there was a list of the amazing top 50 wildlife bridges. It truly is amazing to see bridges, tunnels, rope bridges and more for amphibians, penguins, crabs, turtles, elephants, salmon and bees! Do check the post out! It was written three years ago when the Tucson area wildlife, bridge and underpass, made the list at #47 and #49. Both are now completed projects.

While I have no idea where this coyote is heading, I do know we have a healthy population of coyotes in my area. Often I see them walking across smaller roads and I hear them howling at night. It is all part of the natural world to have some die, unfortunately being hit by a car seems the worse way to go. You can support the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, or learn more about the organization, at www.sonorandesert.org