Giving Thanks Every Day

It can be a simple wave of a hand from the driver of a car you allowed space for in front of your car or a nod of appreciation for whatever from anyone, especially since their smile may be  hidden behind a face mask. While I appreciate holidays set aside for assured historical recognition, of which some can be debated, there is no reason not to give thanks every day.

Whether a person gives thanks to another or is the person receiving the thanks, a sense of positivity and community occurs. For a moment, there is recognition of a good thing happening. No matter how brief the feeling it is is often paid forward, which in turn provides strength within relationships and ultimately a community.

We are all having a challenging year with many people and families suffering more than others. This is not the time to forget needed connections and remain within our bubble on every account. It is all the more reason to say hello or thanks or give a nod to another person, even if once a day. For the recipient, it may be the highlight of ones week! 

Thank you first responders for helping with numerous medical, fire and security needs; thank you family and friends who are caregivers of young and old; thank you non-profit organizers for providing food banks, crisis hotlines, holiday gifts for families, and various other needed services keeping our lives moving forward. Today, tomorrow and next year as our challenges continue, let us each take time to give even the simplest of thanks which will offer a moment of relief to another.

I know I have said this all before, but I believe it is worth repeating … no matter who you are, thanks for being in my life. We will get through all together. Thanks … and know there is a smile behind my mask … some year soon you will see that too! Till then, many, many thanks!