Photo 101: Water

If you know anything about me, I am a mountain person, not a water person! As a matter of fact, jumping into water may be the last thing I would ever do, but climb a mountain, I am ready! When do we leave?

Off the coast of Spain this past September I saw these young, crazy guys jumping into water. My immediate thought, you will never see me doing this! But the joy in seeing people doing what they enjoy was a wonderful feeling.

May I always travel and see people having fun! 

Here I come! Catch me if you can!

Bike Paths are to Love!

When bicycling on a bike path, here’s what to like:
1. Seeing people be active; roller blading, walking, jogging, bicycling. Even blind people can enjoy this space.
2. Knowing the bike path is a valued piece of real estate in a community. You can bicycle many places in the world; paths are available.
3. Seeing people support each other; a victory sign, a thumbs-up, or a hello from one to another. No other language needed beyond a smile.
4. Knowing people are choosing to cycle to the local coffeeshop or farmers market rather than use a motorized vehicle. Follow that person to some place fun!
5. Seeing a person help another person when a tire is flat or a chain is jammed. We all appreciate a helping hand!
6. Knowing there are railroad tracks being converted to bike trails (thanks to people who support Rails to Trails Conservancy).
Simply enjoying outdoor weather, wildlife, camaraderie and to know

Bicyclist on wooden path in Tarifa, Spain.
Bicyclist on wooden path in Tarifa, Spain.

the bike path will be here tomorrow to enjoy alone or with others. Actually, I love it!