Five Acres to Roam

While physically distancing as we are right now during this pandemic, I look for various places to explore. Nearby is a 5 acre riparian-designated “do not build on” area I checked out. No trail is established, yet one pathway has been horse-ridden and walked upon by humans a few times. Today I decided to wander elsewhere.

Walk and avoid various cacti.

I easily walked the wash, in both directions from where I began, and would love to see water in it someday! After a heavy rain I will come back and look.

Walking around the various types of cacti and mesquite trees, over ground squirrel holes, looking for snakes, and seeing lizards move away from me, I did see larger holes. I am unsure what is digging holes of this size, unless a javelina to get at roots. I did see some rabbits hopping around, birds in trees, and surprisingly a golf ball … with all the holes out here I am surprised it was not a hole in one! How did that ball get here!?!

Another surprise was a fire circle. I could only wonder why someone would char an entire chair?

I am always looking for bird nests, but had no luck today. Instead I saw some huge pile of wood on the ground… maybe a … hmmm…. not sure or just a wood pile. I did sneak around to locate a cicada … yes, success … you may have read about it on my July 23 blog post.

No doubt more exploring needs to happen in the back 5 … another day … and maybe after a monsoon rain!

Thimble Peak