Stay-at-Home Scat Lesson

Something has spent more time at our front door area than us, so it was only recently when I discovered fecal droppings, called scat, there. I wondered what animal left it since defecation at ones front door is not a good sign.

One person identified the pellet-like droppings as lizard scat. Another person provided me with a biology lesson about the similarities between reptiles and birds excretory functions and how theirs differs from mammals. Needless to say, there was research to be done by me to understand whose those droppings they were.

I discover reptiles, such as lizards and snakes, have something similar to birds in their unique fecal droppings. These animals all have only one bodily excretory function and expelling orifice, the cloaca, where urine and poop are within one dropping. (Mammals, such as us humans, urinate and defecate from two different orifices.)

Now knowing the scat is a combination of urine and poop, it helps identify this small, black, pellet-like, tapered dropping between that of a mouse or lizard. (The other reptiles are not being considered due to the small size of this scat.) Research says a white nitrogenous material of crystallized uric acid creates a white portion on each lizard dropping. Whereas a mouse dropping will not have the little white blob since their urea trails away from each pellet not crystallizing on it. Okay, so have I finalized my answer that these pellets are from a lizard? No. Why not?

While I see no small tracks, tail trails or gnawed outdoor stucco to think they may be mouse droppings, I want to look closely at the scat the next time around to know for sure if it lizard. (It’s the scientist part in me to observe and question, especially when I have hours to do so.) Although it is Arizona, we did have a recent rain that may have washed some of the vital evidence away only leaving the solid poop. So, I will observe my front door area on a more regular basis to get another scat sample. I am hoping to see a white blob at the end of each pellet because lizards are more valuable than mice for us. Lizards eat mosquitoes and another insects, yet I learned their feces can be dangerous as it can contain salmonella. Geez, that’s not good!

Today’s lesson: Reptiles and birds have similar excretory systems. Another day, maybe I will research more about the birds. Today’s clean-up task: Clean the front door area of the scat. Thank you Simple Green product. Future work: observe front door area for next fecal deposit and identify the culprit/animal.

My work for today is done! Who knew so much time can be spent on little things, such as scat!