Memories of Holland

I am thinking of places to travel! Will it be by years end, 2021? Or maybe, 2022? Bicycling to the windmills and colorful places in Holland would be great fun! Also revisiting museums in Amsterdam. Will Europe welcome tourists and will we need to show proof of vaccination? I have wonderful memories of Holland and how easy it was to travel to nearby countries. Someday soon we all will be back on the road! Please do your part so we can get wherever we wish to go this year!

                               Colorful Holland
                         Holland in Color

Photo 101 Challenge: Home

I try to feel at home wherever I travel, but always looked forward to my official home after a trip. But as of the last 5 months, my current reality is apartment-living. In July, I hope to call this newly constructed place “my new home”. It cannot happen fast enough! Each week I look at our lot, even photographing the dirt. Now we actually see some progress! Now I can dream of what my home will be … with excitement in knowing my friends and family will visit before 2016 ends!