Hummingbird to Pelican; Small to Large!

Some days we operate in extremes. On this day I was spending most of my time photographing hummingbirds feeding at a beautiful yellow flower and then walked a short distance to see numerous brown pelicans! I was at La Jolla Cove in California and enjoyed the seal activity down on the rocks while spending time with the birds. Gosh that hummingbird is so small….. and then to see the pelicans flying past me … amazing!

Hummingbird photos:

Brown pelican photos:

All is beautiful … small and large! Have you been outdoors lately to observe nature? Don’t wait, go!

Hummingbirds and Camera Work!

It requires patience to photograph hummingbirds; much easier to simply observe them and place the image in your brain!

During these pandemic days though, I have had time to watch the hummingbirds at our backyard desert willow tree. Its colorful flowers often welcome hummingbirds to flit from flower to flower and so some hummingbirds do. I decided one day to photograph them in our backyard at the desert willow tree. Although the hummingbird’s speed was enough to drive this photographer crazy, I held on.

Once I was all set to photograph a bird it was all about patience. The hummingbird flew in and around and under and beyond and was hard to capture in focus. I waited again … The bird would flit from flower to flower and hide behind leaves when taking its breather. I cannot say the bird was accommodating me.

But, I managed to capture some photos, see below, and am happy to share them with you. I know what I need to do with my camera work to capture better photos, but that is for another day. Enjoy!

Hummingbird coming in for the flower’s nectar.
Hummingbird enjoying this desert willow’s flower.
Hummingbird landing at a desert willow's flower to get nectar.
Hummingbird about to land.