Could You Have Fun in a Box? Or with Many Boxes?

Fun in a box? We were talking the other day as we looked at some empty boxes, could we have fun in a box? Remember the day when it was just as exciting to get a new refrigerator as it was to play in the box it came in? Nowadays though, refrigerators rarely arrive to your home in a box … darn, young people are missing out on some great fun!
But what about all the other boxes coming to your home? During the pandemic, the amount of on-line shopping increased and so did the number of packages in boxes. Maybe not as large as you might want, but could you be creative and build with them? Look at what is happening with old railroad container cars … tiny homes and boutique hotels are being created. It seems your “fort” made of boxes would be a perfect escape from whatever your need. But would young people think about constructing such places or something else?
The creativity with a 3 dimensional form for a young person having fun with boxes is a leap away from the 2 dimensional screen too often looked at for hours on end these days. But I think it necessary to expose our young people to an environment stacked high with some boxes and to say to them, see you in a couple of hours. Problem-solving, creativity, patience and plenty of duct tape, paint and/or glue would allow time for fun with the boxes!
If I gave you 25 shoe boxes, 25 large chest cooler boxes and 25 ring boxes, what would you construct knowing there is plenty of duct tape, paint and glue for your use? Have fun with the thought and maybe even a construction … no one should stop your fun … and all ages can participate! Ha, you thought I was only referring to young people … wrong! 

Old-fashioned fun, new again!