Monday Memories: Death Valley National Park

I have visited Death Valley National Park in California a couple of times. Hiked the various trails and Badwater Basin salt flat, and another trip bicycled on the few roads within the park boundary. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes along with other points of interest in the park were worth seeing in this unique ecosystem. There are climate and geography extremes so plan your visit carefully.

There were flowers during my past visits, but my wish is to visit again and see a “super bloom”. I heard about the one in 2016 and saw many colorful wildflower photographs. Now in 2020, along with our pandemic time and no travel, there also was no super bloom. Maybe I can get there next year and witness a “super bloom” too!

It would be fun to see the Artist’s Palette again. With my new photography skills I know the importance of being there as the sun shines on the colors.

Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level, the lowest point in North America, and photographing the salt flat and salt crystals would be fun too. If the heat is to much I know I can go to the surrounding mountains.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes had a dust devil moving across it while I was there. After my Sahara Desert visit in Morocco last year, I wish to spend some time back on this park’s dunes.

My future goal: visit Death Valley National Park again, and if there is a “super bloom” that will be wonderful!

Photo 101: Pop & Color

I missed the “full bloom” this year at Death Valley National Park; however, I did see plenty of color compared to another time at the park. No disappointment to report.

Yellow flowers; purple flowers; plenty of white salt at Devil’s Golf Course and Badwater; Dubai sand-colored dunes; green-colored riparian areas; and the changing sky.

Color is wonderful to see after so much salt and sand dunes!
Color is wonderful to see after so much salt and sand dunes!

Photo 101: Natural World & Leading Lines

I was fascinated by this old river on the bed of Death Valley, and to its end point where salt accumulated. This area of the world is unique. I often imagine what early travelers must have thought as they came to the area now known as our Death Valley National Park! I appreciate the fact our country’s land is protected so my niece, nephews and grand niece can enjoy the national park when they grow older and visit. If you have not been there, go; take caution during summer months!

An old river at Death Valley National Park
An old river at Death Valley National Park.