Use This in the Kitchen?

A couple of years ago I was given, let’s call it an egg cooker, this gift from one of my younger sisters. I do not remember any special reason for the gift, except for maybe she was not making use of hers! Actually I now have two of these “egg cookers”. The funny thing about it all … I always think of her when I use it, plus it is one of my quick go-to ways to make breakfast. I now know what to do with this egg cooker! This is my creation.

Here goes.

Line up your ingredients: raw egg, cheese and mushrooms if you wish, roll or bread if you wish, egg cooker, fork, knife, salt, pepper, salsa if you wish. Crack the egg into the white side of the egg cooker and beat the egg with the fork. Toss in sliced mushroom and some cheese, my first choices, but you can add in what you want. Be sure the egg covers all the added items. Close the clear lid over and cook in microwave for 90 seconds.

Finally, out of the microwave and removed from the egg cooker into a roll or onto bread. Maybe add some salt, pepper or salsa and your breakfast is ready to eat in no time flat! Enjoy!

Ready to eat! So easy!

Things I learned from using the egg cooker:

  1. Do not throw in beans or tomatoes or any foods that when they heat will explode in the microwave. You do not want to spend time cleaning the microwave later. I learned the hard way and only once!
  2. I can create a breakfast meal in the same amount of time it takes my coffee to brew.
  3. Salsa is the best to add once out of the microwave; adds so much flavor to it all!
  4. The egg cooker is easy to clean: wipe it out with paper towel and put it on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  5. I think of my sister every time I use this egg cooker, and I like that! So glad I now have two! Thanks sis!