Contemplative Mood …

Hmmm… hmm… okay, well I best get started with this post! To say this year so far has been frustrating would be an understatement. Covid-19 has put such a dampener on everything!

Time to sit and think!

I have a lousy sense of time, which more often than not is a blessing as I can stay immersed in whatever I am doing and not worry about running off somewhere, but these number of months have D-R-A-G-G-E-D, and I have noticed it. I speed it all up with projects such as reading, birding, walking, talking via phone, writing, and taking photos… but I still want to get on the road to visit family, friends, see new places and meet new people. I crave adventure and these months are sucking all of it out of my realm of possibilities to do so!

I have been physically distant and wearing a mask when within feet of others. I am appreciative of the fact that I do not need to work or to be in places where I have to contemplate if I should or should not do a particular activity. I am doing my part to keep my family, friends, and others in this state healthy. And yes I do wish all others were on the same wavelength as me, but many are not!

When I enter stores I follow the signs requiring masks be worn and physical distancing be done. I have no idea why others find it so difficult to follow. We as a world are one and should be caring for each other, but often I see is not the same belief as others and it is disappointing.

I love to travel the world. I always have an appreciation for the various cultures, scenery, food, history, local people, and the camaraderie of fellow travelers. I learn so much when I travel. While armchair traveling these past months, watching the Tour de France bicycling event and seeing areas of France or other travel programs offer a glimpse of an area of the world, there is nothing better than actually being on location! Seeing other people around the world being more cooperative in stemming the tide of the virus has been heartening, but then I wonder why others simply do not care to participate in the safer approaches for their own community and in mine.

We are one world. As time goes on we as world citizens need to think globally in order to tackle the next planet issue. Will it be another virus? Or wildfires, floods, or catastrophic storms of some nature affecting multiple places around the planet at the same time? Will anyone be ready? What are we leaving to the next generations?

The storm overhead suggests it is time for me to move on! I take advantage of these types of notices so I will take cover elsewhere. I can only hope enough of us awaken to where we are at, where we are headed and support positive, productive, environmental, healthy, local and global goals with leaders who support the same! May we have a better 2021 and be Covid-19 free! I can only hope. Do your part for a better world tomorrow, thanks.