New City, New People, New Activity

What I discovered about myself is that I truly do get tired of the same old, same old. I think that was why the various jobs I had in my life were fulfilling! Teaching, I dictated the activity in my classroom; administratively every moment was dictated by the circumstances within the school; personal training and teaching tennis allowed me to meet the needs of my client(s); hiking guide enjoyed nature through rain, snow, or sun and made sure clients were safe; and travel, especially when solo, necessitated me to be on my toes!

And now I am in a new city, meeting new people, and enjoying new activities all allowing me to be on my toes, and I love it! I know this does not come easily to everyone, yet I am okay with it all. It energizes me! It is not the same old stuff! I hope others have opportunities to shake their life up every so often as I think it more importantly makes one respect and appreciate all that is in ones day. It is amazing and should not be taken for granted.

Road bicycling in Tucson is a big deal. With more than 130 miles of dedicated bike paths and many more roads with bike lanes, I have increased my bicycling time and enjoy it. Around the city there are different places to see. There is what is called the “Bicyclist Church” and always a good time to remember to wear a helmet and bright colored clothing, bike ride with traffic, be a defensive rider, remember your nutrition and hydration needs, wear sunglasses and sunscreen, and be respectful of others on the road, trail, or path. I’ll see you here on a bike!

Biker Church
Biker Church in Tucson

Use Your Head & Carry Medical Info.

We wear head protection in various places. For me, I wear a hard hat on location while volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and a bike helmet while riding my bicycle. Most times I am on my own riding or working with people who do not know me very well so it is important to have medical information easily available to them if I cannot provide it myself. Recently I became aware of the “Medical Information Carrier System”, MICS, available at

You write your medical information on the data form they provide, fold it up and insert it in their carrier (a small neon plastic piece you attach inside your protective hat/helmet). For others to know you have this information available, in case of medical emergency, you apply a MICS reflective decal on the outside left rear of your protective hat/helmet.

Now you are ready to have help available for you, if needed. Also, it is good practice to look on the left rear outside of helmets now…encourage others to get the medical information carrier system and/or to begin creating for yourself a first aid responder’s habit. Be safe!

Easy way to carry medical info in your helmet.
Easy way to carry medical info in your helmet.
Reflective Decal placed on left rear of the standard.
Reflective Decal placed on left rear of helmet…is the standard.